Your Words and Body Language Sell the Most valuable Product You Own—YOU! July 12th Health Notes

Think, speak and act like a victim and people will take advantage of you. Think, speak and act with confidence and pizzazz and you’ll command the respect and attention of other people—especially your peers. In order to get what you want you must feel powerful and the only way to do that is to think, speak, and act powerfully!

Erika Lyremark will be in the studio with Kinshasha. Having spent nine years as an exotic dancer, Erika Lyremark (LEAR-A-mark) used her street smarts and hustling finesse to muscle her way into partner and co-creator of a commercial real estate investment firm.

In 2005, Erika parlayed one successful career into another and created her professional coaching and consulting company, DAILY WHIP. Sassy and unstoppable, she’s made an art and science out of whipping you into action. Erika stays connected to big business by consulting for her commercial real estate firm while helping her client’s with their businesses and careers.

She also has a new book coming out called “Think Like A Stripper: How To Make It In Any Economy.” Look for it January 2011.