Big Brain Principles for High Vitality with Dr. 'D' and Dr. 'Z' on April 19th Health Notes

The universe and the brain operate on the physical and metaphysical principles. Metaphysical principles are those that have always been there and always work, such as electricity. Man didn’t discover that, it was already there. But it is metaphysical in the sense that it doesn’t have weight or form, but it has affect. These metaphysical insights are discovered by the metaphysical brain; some might call it the mind – we call it the BigBrain. Everybody is a BigBrain and our purpose for being in existence is to discover the metaphysical principles and have them be physically manifested.

Dr. David Stussy Dr. 'D' and Dr. Zena Xanders will talk with Kinshasha about the Principles of High Vitality using Big Brain Principles.