Minnesota, Nuclear Power & Clean Energy Alternatives

On Friday, January 29th at 11am on KFAI's Catalyst, two guests talk about the push to END Minnesota's Moratorium on new nuclear power plants: LISA LEDWIDGE of Institute for Energy and Environmental Research's (IEER) working on their plan to be Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for Minnesota's Energy Policy (by 2050) and KEN PENTEL, longtime environmental activist, founder of the new organization ECOLOGY DEMOCRACY NTWORK (best known for running for MN Governor on the GREEN PARTY ticket).

As KFAI listener/activist-poet SUSU JEFFERY explains: Prairie Island nuclear power plant, already has 150,000 used fuel rods (each one contains plutonium) and just got the okay for 35 more casks, each cask holds many used hot rods. Prairie Island/Xcel is requesting a 15-percent hike in power output. The plant was only licensed for 20 years, now asking for another 20 years (beyond design specifications). AND Xcel is pushing for a MN legislative vote against the moratorium on new nuke plants.

CATALSYT:POLITICS AND CULTURE, hosted/produced by Lydia Howell