Star Tribune Shines a Bright Light on MPD

A recent racial discrimation lawsuit settled by the city of Minneapolis, which paid $740,000 to five black police officers, prompted the Star Tribune to look into the inner-workings of the Minneapolis police department. In late 2006, FBI agents began to investigate local cops for corruption. The federal authorities relied on information provided by an informant who was a long-time drug dealer in the Twin Cities. The informant agreed to cooperate with federal authorities in order to lessen a 20-year mandatory sentence that he was facing for drug trafficking.

But, as Star Tribune reporters Tony Kennedy and Paul McEnroe uncover in the four-part series, relying on the word of a gang leader and drug dealer doesn’t lead to neat conclusions. KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell spoke to reporter Paul McEnroe. The final two parts of the series, “The Informant”, will be published in the newspaper edition of Tuesday and Wednesday’s Star Tribune.


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