KFAI Fall Pledge Drive - $95,000 And Counting...

There is still time to push KFAI to the ultimate goal of $110,000 with your tax-deductible contribution. Join KFAI today!

Listener-supported radio is unique across the country, and KFAI is proud to have been bringing music, arts, and information programs to the Twin Cities for over 30 years. KFAI is not ownd by a media network. KFAI is an independent, non-commercial, community-based and volunteer-driven radio station. When you join KFAI, you support an independent source for news and art, where stories and music can be heard for the first--and often only--time.

You can join the KFAI membership family during this exciting time by making a secure pledge now on-line.

There are many reasons to support your community radio station, in addition to celebrating 30 years on air and achieving a signal upgrade. Find out more about KFAI.