Truth to Tell: Veterans for Peace and Poor Peoples' March

The names and numbers of organizations planning events coincident with and in response to the Republican National Convention (RNC) just keep on coming. At the end of the month the national and local chapters of the *Veterans for Peace (VFP)*will hold their convention, joined by the IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR (IVAW), while on September 2, the second large parade of protesters will seek the eyeballs and ears of RNC delegates and the media – the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES organized by the POOR PEOPLE’S ECONOMIC HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN (PPEHRC).

Tune in on Wednesday, August 20th at 11am as ANDY DRISCOLL and LYNNELL MICKELSEN talk with leaders of all these events and get their take on the dynamics of the convention in St. Paul, Sept. 1-4 at the Xcel.


JOHN VARONE, President, VFP Minnesota Chapter 27

CHANTE WOLF, Vice President, VFP Minnesota Chapter 27

JIM STEINHAGEN, Past President, VFP Minnesota Chapter 27

WES DAVEY, Iraq Veterans Against the War