Apparition & Avant-garde on Fresh Fruit

Join Host Dixie Treichel on Fresh Fruit on Thursday July 31, 7:30pm for an interview with Paul Festa & Mark Wojahn.

Apparition of the Eternal Church, directed by Paul Festa, captures a spectacular confrontation between thirty-one mostly nonreligious artists and the music of French Catholic composer Olivier Messiaen Faced with the challenge of putting Messiaen’s apocalyptic music into words, listeners tell a story that ranges from scenes of torture and hellfire to sex and spiritual ecstasy. An intimate and groundbreaking glimpse into how people listen to music and how secular ears encounter sacred art.
Listeners interviewed include: literary critic Harold Bloom, filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell, actor and Pulitzer-nominated playwright Eisa Davis, Tony-nominated drag star Justin Bond (“Kiki & Herb”), Scissor Sisters singer Ana Matronic and the late harpsichord virtuoso Albert Fuller.

Mark Wojahn is curator of the 2nd Annual MOVIES in the PARK-ing lot: Performance and Politics@Patrick's Cabaret:
August 3, 10, 17 & 24 2008 @ dusk The first film in a series of four is

Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis! Directed by Mary Jordan
A fascinating documentary on the 1950's-60's gay performance artist Jack Smith.
The underground filmmaker, photographer, performance artist, and anti-capitalist
worked in New York from the 60s until his death from AIDS in 1989. Smith has been credited as a major influence by Fellini, Godard and Jarmusch. In Mary Jordan’s mesmerizing portrait, he fairly jumps off the screen: a combination mystic, comedian and madman. Highlights include the story behind the Supreme Court case over the banning of his 1963 classic Flaming Creatures.
Smith's multi-media influence is evident in the works of a broad segment of the American Avant Garde. In film, his influence is evident in the work of Andy Warhol, Ken Jacobs, John Waters, George Kuchar, Scott and Beth B. In avant-garde theater and performance art, his hand touches Robert Wilson, Charles Ludlam, John Vaccaro, Cindy Sherman, and Richard Foreman.

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