Allegra Lingo and the St. Paul National Poetry Slam Team on Write on Radio

Thursday, July 31st, the 2008 St. Paul National Poetry Slam Team--Sierra DeMulder, Michael Mlekoday, Khary J. aka 6 is 9, El Guante, and Ezra, plus Matthew Rucker--will share their poetry, as well as discuss the upcoming Erotic Poetry Slam (on Sunday August 3rd at the Artists' Quarter). They'll also wax poetic on what it's like to perform poetry in a competition.

They will compete against 79 other teams from around the US, Canada and Europe at the National Poetry Slam, this year in Madison, Wisconsin, August 4th - 9th.

In the second half of the show, Allegra Lingo returns to talk about her newest Fringe Festival show, Tipping the Bucket.

Write on Radio airs Thursdays from 11am to Noon.