Truth to Tell: The Republicans are Coming!

The Republican National Convention (RNC) has been on our local agenda for a couple of years and dozens of groups and agencies have been preparing to accommodate the 10,000-15,000 conventioneers, media hounds, protesters, lawyers and police personnel will descend on St. Paul's Xcel Center September 1st for four days of the chaotic crowning of the party's Presidential nominee, confronted by protests and potential clashes of all kinds and a series of counter-convention activities at various locations through the Twin Cities.

Who's preparing for what and why? Tune in on Wednesday, July 9th as Truth to Tell's Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen bring into the KFAI studios representatives of the wide diversity of organizations of varying agendas for the coming visitors and query them on their strategies and planned tactics for participating in what many consider will be a circus they'd rather not be around for. We talk with convention organizers, arts, peace and protest leaders, law enforcement and just plain folks over several show to clify for listeners what we can expect to see on the news each night.


SEGMENT I: Walker Art Center's UnConvention Projects

ALLISON HERRERA - Community Programs Coordinator and Liaison, Walker Art Center

SEGMENT II: ACLU-Minnesota/National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

CHUCK SAMUELSON - Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union-Minnesota

GENA BERGLUND - Attorney, Member, NLG

INVITED: BRUCE NESTOR - Immigration Attorney, President, NLG

SEGMENT III: St. Paul Police Plans

INVITED: MATT BOSTROM - Assistant Chief in Charge of RNC Planning, JOHN HARRINGTON - Chief of Police