Truth to Tell: Sexual Violence & Offenders

What don't we know about sex and sexual violence? On Wednesday, June 25th Truth to Tell presents Part One of a series getting at the biological, emotional and political conflicts around attitudes and policies towards sex and sexual behavior.

Sexuality in American society is always the hot topic, but is it deserving of the attention? And is the kind of attention it's getting keeping it the forbidden fruit everyone wants to pluck from the tree? Is its forbidden nature driving repression, sexual violence and the politics of lifetime incarceration? What is so tempting about throwing away the key?

Also: Has religion defined sexual repression here and elsewhere? Europeans bemusedly ignore Catholicism's renewed crackdown down on sexual freedom, while local clerics insist on excising all remnants of Gay and Lesbian Catholicism from local churches. A special news moment on TTT will ask some questions about Archbishop Nienstadt's erasure of St. Joan of Arc's annual Gay Pride celebration.

DONNA DUNN, Executive Director, MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault

NANCY SABIN, Executive Director, Jacob Wetterling Foundation

GAIL EMERSON, Executive Director, Sexual Violence Center

PHILIP VILLAUME, Criminal Defense Attorney