Truth to Tell: The Reformers Are Coming!

They are many – and hungry to redress the steep slide of mostly mainstream media into an abyss of cultural waste – infotainment, shallow journalism, ignorance of real issues, celebrity worship and lockstep support for government folly – war, corporate power, enriching the rich, and consolidating their own power! This has made mincemeat of the media’s responsibility to be America’s watchdog, not America’s lapdog. First Amendment protections have been combined with untold wealth and control over the flow of useful and important information citizens need to govern ourselves.

Hundreds of trench workers in alternative and grassroots media will come together for the National Conference on Media Reform with powerhouses in the field – Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, Arianna Huffington, Phil Donohue, Robert McChesney, Juan Gonzalez, Laura Flanders, Tim Wu, Rosa Clemente, and FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein. We will be talking with all of them and more – live and later on tape – when Truth to Tell goes to the Minneapolis Convention Center June 6, 7 and 8. ANDDemocracy Day July 5th - the day before – will look at electoral reform and similar issues.

But, media reform begins at home and continues long after the conferences. This week’s preview will talk about what steps local grassroots media types plan to take to make our local media relevant to the Twin Cities and its real people. CALL US: 612-341-0980

TTT’s Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen will talk with planners and reformers here and nationally to talk about the Media Reform and Democracy Day events coming up – and the work we expect to do when everyone else leaves town.


NANCY DOYLE BROWN – Twin Cities Media Alliance and organizer of a post-conference Reform Action Group.

BRANDON LACY CAMPOS– Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution & Democracy Day organizer



ROBERT MCCHESNEY, Free Press Co-Founder

CRAIG AARON, Free Press Communications Director

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