Truth to Tell: Autism in the Cities

Incidences of children’s brain disorders appear to be nearly epidemic. 1 of every 150 children are afflicted with some form of autism (1 of every 90 boys). But why? Genetics play a major role, but, more analysts are looking at mercury-bearing vaccines and environmental factors as coincident with massive increases in all sorts of children’s ill health – asthma, ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Autism, Asperger’s, and related behavioral disorders are seen in light of poor air and water quality, poverty, and immunization vaccines. Not all victims, parents, advocates, researchers and public health officials agree.

One item is not in doubt: the explosion in cases of autism and Asperger’s is stirring debate among all of them, some of it very loud and angry, as we struggle with the cause and effect of it all. Truth to Tell' Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen talk with parents and professionals – and walking examples of the difficulties faced by children and young adults displaying autistic behavior on this segment

Tune in to Truth to Tell on Wednesday, May 14th (11am-Noon) for this important discussion.


NANCY HOKKANEN, Parent/Advocate, Autism Spectrum Disorder

ANN HARRINGTON, Autism Services, Minneapolis Public Schools’ Early Childhood Special Education

DAVID WARD/FAYE FISHER-WARD, Parents of two boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder

MARY WHEELER, Executive Director, Autism Society of Minnesota

MARY TOCCO, Anti-Vaccine Advocate