Health Notes: How To Stay Youthful After 50

Kinshasha will be talking with Oz Garcia about his new book Redesigning 50 from 11:00am to 12:00pm Monday, May 12th.

Everyone wants to age gracefully, keep up energy and maintain a youthful appearance. Aging isn't about getting old and accepting what may happen; it's about redesigning your life and slowing down the ravages of aging on your body to look and feel as young and vital as possible, for as long as possible

Chances are you don't look, act, or feel how your parents did at fifty. Do we even know what middle age means anymore? It seems that old definitions no longer apply. Middle-aged women are now having babies. Men and women in their sixties and seventies are climbing mountains, traveling into outer space, and making greater achievements than many of their more youthful counterparts. As the field of health sciences continue to grow in the 21st century we continue to discover greater ways of dodging the bullets and slowing down the ravages of aging . In today's world, middle age is no longer a stage of life to be dreaded or feared, but one that we can fully enjoy and embrace. It's a whole new era in the art and science of aging, and that's what this book is about: redefining what it means to get chronologically older even as you keep the energy, vitality, and appearance of youth