Truth to Tell: Midtown Meltdown - Green Energy or Black Air (Part II)

How much is too much? Tune in to Truth to Tell on Wednesday, May 7th for part two of a discussion concerning the volatile Midtown Eco-Energy Project, this week concentrating on air emissions - their composition and their cumulative impact on Minneapolis' Phillips and surrounding neighborhoods. Also, has Mayor Rybak begun to distance himself from this project? We'll continue to examine the politics behind the opposition most of the area's elected officials are turning into policy.

Is this an innovative biomass energy generator in the making? Or yet another polluting facility among many in the city's already suffering core neighborhoods? Might this idea be better considered for another venue? Or is burning any material a danger to populated areas?

What impact does such a heavy financial stake have on Midtown's owners' lives and future security if this goes down? Does it really matter on balance?

TTT’s Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen continue to discuss all sides of the issues with key players and the reporter covering them.


SCOTT BENSON, Minneapolis City Councilmember, Chair, Energy & Environment Committee

KIM HAVEY, Partner, Midtown Eco-Energy Project/Kandiyohi Development Partners

CAROL PASS, President, EPIC (East Phillips Improvement Coalition)

JULLONNE GLAD, Minneapolis Residents for Clean Air

DAVID MORRIS, Executive VP, Institute for Local Self-Reliance


STEVE BRANDT, Star Tribune Reporter/Analyst

REP. KAREN CLARK, House District 61A, where the project lives - Chair Housing Policy and Finance and Public Health Finance Division Committee.