Racism, Resegregation, and Remedies in Education on Truth to Tell

Studies and statistics show urban core schools more segregated than ever. This was not the plan back in 1960s, 70s, and 80s when court ruling and policymakers combined to invoke the means to bring white kids and students of color into the same educational settings. Why haven't they come together? What dynamics are at play in the palpably re-segregated systems of the Twin Metro Area? The answer is that there is no one answer - and no one remedy. Many good people bring wide-ranging perspectives to the discussion about what to do to improve achievement and reduce the social isolation that comes from segregated housing patterns and schools. Four of those perspectives will come from guests on this week's Truth to Tell (Wednesday, 11am-Noon).

MYRON ORFIELD - Director, Institute on Race and Poverty, UofM Law School

CARLA BATES – Education activist and member of the MPS District Parents Advisory Committee of the Minneapolis Schools

HASHI ABDI – Executive Director, Somali Action Alliance which has helped create Somali-centric charter schools

NADYA PARKER, Executive Director, Urban Teacher Program, Metropolitan State University