Thank You For Your Support

KFAI raised nearly $108,000 during its fall pledge drive. Thanks to contributions from more than 1,200 new and returning members, it was one of the most successful drives in station history.

You can still make a contribution to help push us over the original goal of $110,000. Pledge online now.

Check out the special 'thank you' CDs here, along with other KFAI thank you gifts.

All members donating $25 or more vote in KFAI elections and receive a member discount card for use with local businesses. Check out the list of participating businesses.

If you made a contribution during the fall drive - thanks again. KFAI will mail out receipts and special gifts (CDs, books, hats) within the coming weeks.

Since I started listening to KFAI, my blood pressure has gone down, my music collection has gone up, I am active in my community and I am a lot happier…..You are a tremendous resource for the community and I cannot thank you enough.
- MG from Minneapolis