Crap From The Past Presents Summer Of Pain!

There's only one radio show on the dial that could pull off KFAI's most absurd promotion: The 2007 Summer Of Pain!

On Friday, August 31, Crap From The Past will be doing an entire show of blood-curdling, mind-numbing, fiercely hideous music. Not just bad music, which is relatively commonplace, but musical atrocities that may run the risk of warping the space-time continuum when played.

Have you heard Mick Novak's prized 45 of an angry one-woman-band stomping through Pistol Packin' Mama? Have you heard Greg Carr's prized 45 of Clara Peller singing Where's The Beef? Or a rather catchy 1971 hit about cannibalism called Timothy? Or a 1986 gem called Dear Mr. Jesus, sung from the point of view of a five-year-old girl that is physically abused by her parents, which includes the lyric, Please don't tell my daddy/But my mommy hits me too?

Crap From The Past certainly doesn't claim to have a monopoly on bad music, and that's why host Ron Boogiemonster Gerber is calling on listeners and other KFAI programmers to submit their own choice(s) for The 2007 Summer Of Pain. He'll round up the worst of the worst, and will play them all, back-to-back, in what will surely be the summer's most excruciating 90 minutes of radio.

Take that particular song that you just don't play for others, but rather inflict on others, and email it to RON at CRAPFROMTHEPAST dot com, or send it to: Ron Gerber/Box 99/KFAI/1808 Riverside Avenue/Minneapolis/MN/55454-1022

If there are only two types of music in the world - good and bad - then raise high the Bad Music flag for The 2007 Summer Of Pain! Coming to Crap From The Past on Friday, August 31, 10:30 to midnight, on KFAI, 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul. Online at KFAI dot org!