Indigenous Peoples Task Force on Indian Uprising

Indigenous Peoples Task Force, formally Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force, has been a leader and a pioneer in developing innovative culturally relevant services to targeted populations within the Native community. Programs achieve cultural competence through the familiarity of the staff with their cultural and spiritual traditions. Agency staff has been invited to participate as workshop leaders and contributors of HIV conferences including two White House conferences on HIV. In 1998, Maynidoowahdak Odena Housing Cooperative, a housing program for Native persons living with AIDS and their families, received the Design of the Year Award for Affordable Housing from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Tune in to Indian Uprising on Sunday, July 22 (7-8pm) as host Chris Spotted Eagle welcomes Sharon Day (Ojibway), Executive Director, Indigenous People's Task Force and Colette Lawrence (Ojibway), Supervisor, Outreach Programs including testing and counseling, IPTF.

IPTF’s vision is to Strengthen and Enhance the Health and Education of Native People. They also provide education services to prevent the transmission of HIV and to provide direct services to Native Americans and their family members living with HIV. Indigenous Peoples Task Force has over 14 years of experience providing HIV direct services to the Native Community throughout Minnesota but primarily within Minneapolis and St. Paul.