Station Announcements

Thanks to everyone who called, walked in, or used the web to make a contribution during KFAI’s Spring Pledge Drive. With your help, we were able to exceed our goal of $100,000! KFAI’s largest contributors are you, listener members, so on behalf of the KFAI Board of Directors, staff and volunteers, thank you for making this drive a success!

Set your radio dial, computer, or intergalatic beamer to the  KFAI's Collective Eye, this Saturday from Noon- 1:30 pm, for a final celebration of International Women's Day. "and the ebb but reveals ME again" is an excerpt of a work from Zora Neale Hurston and seven illustrious women – Debra J. Stone, Lori-Young Williams, Amoke Kubat, Sha' Cage, Genesia Williams, Tish Jones and Beverly Cottman – will perform/read/create their individual interpretations of Hurston's work.

Your representatives in Congress are currently making important decisions about the future of the internet.

The GOONDAS visit KFAI tonight at 10pm. A fun, energetic group. . .check out their web page here: for a preview.

Also we get a visit from Bill Marshall and Lady Tobalyas who will serenade us acoustically. Bill and Lady T entertained us last New Years Eve on KFAI.

Usually the point of listening to KFAI's The Transatlantic Mixtape of Your Mind is to unravel a secret held closely by the program's Liverpool-based host, Colin Robinson.

Please join Beth Shaw and Jackson Buck for a final Urban Folk:node/1222 on June 10, 2007, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CDT.

Voting is now open at for 5 seats on the KFAI Board of Directors.  All members and volunteers are eligble to vote.  KFAI’s Board is charged with envisioning the future of KFAI and working with the staff to realize that vision.

Thank you to all who gave yesterday on Give to the Max day – we received $6,155 in donations through your generosity! Thank you also to those who continue to give today!

Unfortunately, Give to the Max's website crashed yesterday afternoon, bringing nonprofits around the state frustration and challenges during one of their most important fundraising opportunities of the year. We felt the impact, also.

KFAI’s, Fresh Air Radio is celebrating 33 and 1/3 years of community radio. You Make the Difference in KFAI’s History.

KFAI is YOUR community station for Programming Without Boundaries, brought to you by a Rich Tapestry of Authentic Volunteers.