Music Announcements

Be sure and tune in this Wednesday September 10th at 6:00 am for a tribute to the great Mel Torme. Rockin’ in Rhythm host David Cummings will welcome to the studio local musician and music historian Les Block. If you are a Mel Torme fan or just a casual listener I think you will find these to be a very entertaining three hours.

If you are a big fan of train songs be sure not to miss Rockin’ In Rhythm 6:00 to 9:00 am on Nov. 19th. Host David Cummings will be welcoming our pal Dick Himes to the show. He will be bringing in a whole stack of music about train related songs and David will do the same. So, three count them, three hours of great railroading songs.

Join Glen Leslie on Jet Set Planet Friday Night at 9 for the Greatest Recording Ever! Yes it’s true Glen has made similar proclamations in the past, but this time, it’s true. And because he’s so confident that this is indeed the Greatest Recording, Ever, he’ll also be playing past Greatest Recordings, Ever just so you can compare.

On Monday Night, August 27, Jet Set Planet:node/94 host Glen Leslie will unleash onto the KFAI listening public the greatest song ever recorded: Shorty Rogers’ Wampuskitty – his love song to t

Be sure to check out the 4th edition of the Groove Garden’s anti-Oscars: funky, groovy, jazzy soundtracks, truly worthy of award.

Listen to it here::node/116

The harmonies of mutual admiration reach a hungry listener’s ears so sweetly, and Minneapolis singer-songwriter Brianna Lane: has a knack for hearing the notes we love to swoon by.

Tunes from the Great American Songbook – High Strung String Band embodies the traditional sense of bluegrass by evoking the likes of Ralph Stanley, The Carter Family, and Doc Watson, while keeping t

Mike The Hook Deutsch will appear on House Party at 5:00 pm. Then he’ll head over to the 331 Club in NE MPLS as the guest performer on the J3 Series from 7-9 pm.

This Monday, May 10th, join Glen Leslie at 10:30pm for another Journey into Thrift Store U.S.A. This week, we play the results of our recent record run to Council Bluff Iowa. Vinyl heads know the drill: 6 hours of driving followed by 6 hours of crate digging, with only 6 minutes to breath in between.

The Juggernauts, a long-running (40+ yrs) jug band from the home of the jug bands — Louisville, Kentucky — will perform live-in-the-studio on House Party:houseparty this Wednesday in the 5 o’clock hour. Afterwards the band will head over to the 331 Club in NE Minneapolis to play the House Party Presents series from 7-9 pm.