Music Announcements

This Friday on MN Soundtrack:mnsoundtrack Brad Senne will be sitting in and playing some of his songs. Senne has been attracting attention with his live shows and solo releases, all done dabbling in home recording studios. He also often plays out with his side projects the indie rock band, Beight and bluesy moniker Walker Fields.

Tonight (Weds) at 10pm Live From Studio 5! presents the music of The Shiny Lights. The Shiny Lights are kind of 70′s retrorock with a splash of modern-day authority to keep the sound fresh. It’s 1976 meets 2010.

This Tuesday, Savage Aural Hotbed members join Spin with Cyn at 11 a.m. They’ll share songs from, and talk about their new CD “Glove of Sound in anticipation of their CD Release Party at First Avenue on Saturday, January 22!

I’m excited and honored to host Savage Aural Hotbed, a favorite band for two decades!

This Friday on MN Soundtrack:mnsoundtrack. I’ll be talking with members of Gay Beast about their brand new album To Smithereens and their upcoming European tour.

Gay Beast formed mid-2005 during a fit of anxiety towards Midwestern passive aggression and as an attempt to make music that was queer in composition and aesthetic.

On this week’s True Brit!, your host Simon Husbands will be talking to musician Phil Solem of the band The Rembrandts….and Phil will be sharing some of his favorite music from the UK! Don’t miss it! Listen in at 12 midnight to 2 AM on Friday night / Saturday morning for Phil and much, much more……

Did you EVEN KNOW there is a weekly flamenco program on KFAI? It’s a webcast ONLY program, but you can’t get to it from the website unless you know the name – Poquito y Bueno.Short and sweet is both the translation and our goal for this half-hour show of flamenco music, news and interviews.

This Friday on MN Soundtrack:mnsoundtrack founder of Moon Glyph records, Steve Rosborough, will be sitting in and playing some of his latest releases. Moon Glyph Records is a label based out of Minneapolis that has released 19 cassettes and 3 vinyl albums in the last 2 years.

Sherwin Linton, a stalwart of the local Country Music scene performs this Wednesday night at 10 pm on Live From Studio 5! An Entertainer’s Entertainer, Mr. Versatility, Mid America’s Number One Entertainer, A Nationally Unknown Superstar, Mid-America’s Country Music Legend, The Greatest Show On Earth…

This week’s True Brit!:truebrit will feature the international music performer The Duke Of Dark. The Duke will bring in some of his favorite music from the UK, where he has performed many times, and will share his stories and in depth knowledge of all things British – including his love of Wispa chocolate bars. Don’t miss it!

Radio Duende:radioduende (aka International Jazz Conspiracy) will remember two American Titans: Frank Zappa (1940 – 1993) and Captain Beefheart (1941 – 2010). Throughout the year, Radio Duende’s host Emel Sherzad will celebrate the music and spirit of these two iconoclastic giants of the music world.