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The advocacy group Environment Minnesota says Minnesota’s current investment in wind energy reduces the kind of pollution that’s connected with climate change.  Wind energy’s reduction in greenhouse gasses is the equivalent of  taking 757,000 cars off the road per year.  Minnesota has also suffered from severe drought this year, and the group says wind power saves enough water to meet the needs of 59,800 Minnesotans.

Michelle Hesterberg of Environment Minnesota stopped by KFAI's Morning Blend to talk with Paul Brohaugh and Dale Connelly. 

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Join Laura Waterman Wittstock and Roy Taylor as they talk with Sydney Beane and Kate Beane about the legacy of Cloud Man and what is now known as Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. According to the Southwest Journal in Minneapolis  "Beane and other descendants of Cloud Man are working with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board on a public art project to honor the Dakota. The memorial will stand on a 60-foot strip of shoreland on the southeast corner of Lake Calhoun.
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July 20th, 9AM-1:30 PM (Mostly Jazz, Rhythm and Grooves, & Collective Eye)

Native American rapper Tall Paul was born in Minneapolis and grew up listening to all varieties of hip hop.

For the past five years he’s been recording and performing live music at various venues, finding ways to express his culture by way of an unexpected art form.

Tall Paul was recently featured on the KFAI program Versed Radio. Versed Radio is a program presented online by KFAI on alternate Thursdays. For the latest episode, click here.

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Tavis Smiley Exclusive Interview – The Lennie Chism Show for KFAI Radio’s Special Day of Black History Month Programming
Built Right in Da HOOD, Character, A Conversation with Tavis Smiley
American talk show host, author, liberal political commentator, entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist- TUNE In Feb 18th, 8am
Why do they put the dash? You will have to tune to find out.

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Artistic director Michelle Hensley and actor Luverne Seifert visit KFAI.

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The huge storm that knocked down trees and cut power for thousands of Minnesotans continues to have an effect on our day-to-day lives.A vast majority have their power back on, but Xcel energy reports that there are still customers in the dark.In Minneapolis, residents can bring brush to the curb for pickup, with branches cut in lengths shorter than three feet and bound together in bundles using twine.  Meanwhile, city staffers have been on the lookout for trees that have been weakened by the storm.

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Three year old Terrell Mayes was killed by a random gunshot in December of 2011.
His family is still looking for closure, and his mother Marsha Mayes has become an advocate for confronting violence among young Minnesotans.
Marsha Mayes and national Mad Dads president V.J. Smith appeared on the KFAI Weekly News, to talk about their shared goals.

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We had a goal of $70,000 this fall pledge drive, an amount which will help us meet our budget requirements for the next few months. YOU reached it! And then beat it! And then kept calling! And giving on-line! We cannot thank you enough for listening, supporting, recognizing the value of community radio and helping maintain this space for unique, authentic programming from the heart.

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We’re celebrating 35 years of community radio today! Come down to the studios, support us with a gift on-line, or call 612-375-9030. Our goal is 350 gifts by midnight and We’re celebrating 35 years of community radio today! Come down to the studios, support us with a gift on-line, or call 612-375-9030. Our goal is 350 gifts by midnight and we’re just over 100 gifts this evening!

From founding member, actor and program host Charles Brin, to Beryl Greenberg who joined the station just a few years after its beginning, to new Executive Director Willie Dean, this is radio created by people who are passionate about authentic content which represents our community. Celebrate 35 years of people from around the world sharing their insights on the air, program hosts who specialize in blues/soul/the latest local music/Balkan wedding music/what-have-you, and unparalleled access to media for members of our community who have something to say. This is your radio station. We are not part of a network. Listener-support keeps our studios open. We are KFAI, located on the West Bank in Minneapolis, and anywhere you want to listen to great radio. Thank you!

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