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This week on MinneCulture, live from Minnesota visits the Black Dog Coffee & Wine Bar in Lowertown St. Paul for When Poets Found Bass, a night of spoken word poetry presented by the Saint Paul Almanac. Featuring Saymoukda D. Vongsay, Fres Thao, Desdamona, Truthmaze and DJ Kool Akiem. Produced for KFAI by Daniel Zamzow. MinneCulture is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

Tipping the Scale: a special MinneCulture documentary airs June 3 & 5 at 7:30pm

During the coldest days of winter, an “Earth Train” departed from St. Paul, carrying dozens of artists, activists and regular folks from Minnesota to Washington, DC. On board were KFAI producers Barbara Jean Meyers and Melissa Koch. Along the way they interviewed passengers including Kevin Kling, Louise Erdrich, Prudence Johnson and others, about why they were making the journey. Many were inspired by Bill McKibben, co-founder of, who believes that the Keystone XL pipeline wound be the final nail in the coffin for planet Earth.

On February 17, advocates gathered at the nation’s Capitol for Forward on Climate to protest Keystone and draw attention to global warming. Nearly 50,000 people assembled to promote environmental stewardship, making it the largest rally on climate issues in U.S. history. “Tipping the Scale” is a two-part audio documentary that chronicles this historic event. Tune into MinneCulture on Monday, June 3, and Wednesday June 5, at 7:30pm.

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We're about to turn the corner on November, and of course that means snow, ice and . . . broomball. The World Broomball Championships are set for November 3rd through the 7th in Tomakomai, Japan.  In just over a week, players from 13 countries will get on their squishy shoes and hit the ice for fame, athleticism, and perhaps, tidiness. Minneapolis resident John Each managed to get a spot on Alaska's broomball team, and he will head to Japan for the compitition.

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Who: KFAI & Juxtaposition Arts
What: What's in the Mix
When: Fri, Nov 15, 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Juxtaposition Studios, 1108 W. Broadway, Minneapolis MN 55411
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Trista Harris is the Executive Director of the Headwaters Foundation.
Tonight the Humphrey School for Public Affairs will honor her with a Public Leadership award for her efforts to foster inclusion for Minnesota’s many and growing immigrant groups.
She talked with KFAI’s Yvette Howie, who asked Harris how she became interested in social justice.

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On this weeks True Brit!, host Simon Husbands welcomes the US born writer and teacher, podcaster and musicologist, also resident of Japan, Mr.Tim Young!


The University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis represents a huge physical investment by the state in terms of buildings and infrastructure.    It takes a lot to keep it going, including heat and electricity.

Right now the U is working on a 96 million dollar project to update those systems and reduce the U of M’s carbon footprint.  It’s part of a larger goal to reach climate neutrality by the year 2050.   

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Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo and Reverend Canon Albert Ogle talk with KFAI’s Dixie Triechel

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By the end of the Blueslady's Time Machine, listeners had contributed almost $61,000 toward our goal of $70,000 for the fall pledge drive!

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Karen Heissler and Tamrah Schaller O’Neill talked with Meg Heery this morning on KFAI’s Morning Blend.

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