General Announcements

Story by Edwin Allen

Five DFL’ers who would like to replace long-time State Senator Larry Pogemiller will face off in a primary election today, December 6th, 2011.
Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. The canidates are Kari Dziedzic, Jacob Frey, Mohamud Noor, Paul Ostrow and Peter Wagenius.

What is the status of girls in Minnesota? A new study by Women’s Policy Research and the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota was introduced at the capitol on April 28.

The Met Council’s advisory board voted to approve an $86 million expansion on Highway 610 in Maple Grove. The rest of the $230 million dollars in stiumulus money will go toward road repairs and funding small projects. KFAI’s Gabrielle Miller spoke about the decision to Transit for Livable Communities’: Barb Thoman.


The Stop Paying for Slavery tour is in town for three days to bring attention to the problem of human trafficking and forced labor. Manpower Incorporated is sponsoring the tour to mobilize business leaders in the fight against human trafficking. KFAI News Director Ahndi Fridell spoke to Dick Wexler, Minnesota Director of the NOt For Sale campaign, about the tour.


Over 300 children are abducted in South Sudan each year. They are often used to carry out military and domestic chores for the army.
Others become part of the human trafficking trade. An organization affiliated with the University of Minnesota hopes their new campaign idea will raise awareness for child rights. KFAI’s Hannah Rael reports.


Story by Allison Osberg

When it rains heavily in a big city, what happens to the water tells a larger story about resources and pollution.
The Natural Resource Defense Council has released a report that profiles 14 North American cities and their different approaches to solving the problem of storm water runoff.

When you imagine a circus troupe that travels the country to perform on city streets, your mind probably thinks back to the Middle Ages. But for the actors who call themselves the Unseen Ghost Brigade, they don’t see themselves as dated.

16 anti-war protesters were arrested today at an Army/Navy recruitment center on Washington Avenue, not far from the U of M campus.

St. Paul Public Schools students returned to the classroom yesterday, but at two local elementary schools they are facing a challenge far different than the typical sea of new faces and homework; Roosevelt and Longfellow students are beginning the final year at their respective schools, which will be closed at the end of the 2009-2010 academic year.

Hennepin County continues to have one of the worst graduation rates for students of color. KFAI’s Christina Kolar speaks with Minneapolis School Board Member Carla Bates about racial disparities in Hennepin County schools.