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In this segment of Who’s Spinning Who, local music writer and author of West Bank Boogie, Cyn Collins talks to local recording engineer and producer Tom Herbers about some of his favorite songs, b

Giving a voice to those in the know…Local arts Writer Cyn Collins interviews musicians, producers, bookers, record store amd label staff, and other music fans talking about and spinning their favori

Fall has arrived, and a glut of supposedly important or serious
movies are coming out. They’re vying to be remembered for awards, specifically the Oscars. This made film-lover Will Wright wonder what makes a movie important and why we care or pay attention to such things when it’s only entertainment.

Will Allen is the closest thing to a celebrity when it comes to local food issues. As the co-founder and CEO of Growing Power, an urban farming learning center based in Milwaukee, he’s been featured in several recent food-related documentaries. Allen spoke at a reception at Little Earth in Minneapolis to celebrate the Urban Farm Project.

The public comment period is open for what could become the first non-iron mine in the state. But local groups and environmental activists have grave concerns about the effects on the surrounding land this mine could have. KFAI’s Robert O’Connor has more.


While state legislators and Vikings officials posture in the media over how soon they can agree to public financing for a new stadium, veteran legislative observer Jay Weiner says it’s not happening this session. Weiner is a local freelance journalist who has covered stadium issues in the Twin Cities for 15 years. He weighed in on the talk of a new Vikings stadium at MinnPost.

Story by Bob Hines & Michelle Alimoradi

In 1988, Willie Lloyd was convicted of murder. There was already a history of trouble in his family. His father was a leader of the Unknown Vice Lords in Chicago. Several members of his extended family were part of the gang culture. When he was 18 years old Willie Lloyd shot a man during a fight, and he went to jail.

Though the calendar says otherwise, for all intents and purposes winter has arrived in Minnesota. And for most Twin Cities commuters this means breaking out the ice-scrapers and warming up the car before the daily drive. But for a growing number of dedicated bicyclists, winter means the same thing as summer – time to saddle up for the daily ride. What does it take to be a winter cyclist?

By Allison Herrera

This week marks the 149th anniversary of the forced march of Dakota, men, women and children from the Upper Sioux agency in the Minnesota River valley to Fort Snelling.

Mary Scully, of the Iraq Peace Action Coalition; Marie Brown, of Women Against Military Madness; and Chante Wolf, of Veterans for Peace are some of the voices of women in the anti-war and peace moveme