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Michelle Bruch reports on the University of Minnesota’s Agriculture Experiment Station and it’s research on creating healthier and more beneficial produce.

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents held a public forum on the University’s budget on June 17th. President Bob Bruininks has proposed the elimination of 1,240 jobs in the 2010 fiscal year budget, and clerical workers fear that they will receive the brunt of the cuts. Members of AFSCME held a rally to ask for more cuts from top administration and to suggest alternatives to the cuts.

Last summer, the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota began the process of revising its curriculum for educating teachers. Seven different task force groups focused on the following categories: special education, families and communities, technology, English language learners, reading, assessment and learning.

The Faculty Support Committee at the University of Minnesota held a press conference to announce faculty and student support of University employees who are on strike, and to discuss the impact that t

Story by Susan Gray

Police estimate that over five thousand people, many of them wearing hooded sweat shirts, rallied yesterday evening at the University of Minnesota in reaction to the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.
The rally was part of a national campaign launched on social media called “A Million Hoodies for Trayvon Martin.”
Martin was shot Feb.

Students in a University of Minnesota class took action when events in Sudan hit close to home. Just over a year ago, U of M graduate Kou Solomon’s nieces, Yar and Ajak, were abducted from their family in South Sudan. Solomon’s classmates in a human rights class created the Save Yar campaign to recover the girls and end the problem of child abduction in South Sudan.

University of Minnesota students, faculty, and union members gathered at the Northrop Mall on the University’s East Bank campus, September 17, to kick off a hunger strike in support of U of M AFSCME w

Several letters have been sent to University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks concerning settlement with AFSCME union strikers.

Health care is a hot topic these days at the capitol.

The Universal Healthcare Action Network recently demonstrated against this year’s annual shareholder meeting for the United Health Group.