So, you’ve heard all about Ranked Choice Voting, RCV, or Instant Runoff Voting? Well, St. Paul residents are going to decide whether they want it and Minneapolis residents are actually going to use it on Election Day next Tuesday, November 3rd.

He may not be as well known – or as well funded – as other Republican presidential candidates. And chances that he will become the official candidate of the Republican party are slim.

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The election for St. Paul’s School Board includes a broad slate of candidates. Eight candidates are running for the four available seats available on St. Paul’s School Board.

Doug Daggett is the Republican endorsed candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes Minneapolis, Richfield, St.

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KFAI’s Benno Groeneveld will be covering next week’s Republican convention from a GLBT perspective. He recently spoke with two groups about their plans for the RNC: Outfront Minnesota and the Log Cabin Republicans. The latter group is the name for a group of gay and lesbian activists within the Grand Old Party. Here’s Benno Groeneveld.

That’s KFAI Benno Groeneveld.

Over the past few weeks KFAI has been covering tonight’s St. Paul City Council elections. Our reporters have found that many are worried voter turn out will be lower than in previous elections. St. Paul residents are encouraged to get out and vote before polls close at 8 p.m.

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