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The names and numbers of organizations planning events coincident with and in response to the Republican National Convention (RNC) just keep on coming.

The same movement conservatism that led to the contemporary slide into blatant racism, sexism, widening economic disparity, severe educational deprivation, a moribund health care system, and unprecede

Not all young people can do it, not even former recipients of the Children’s Defense Fund’s: Beat the Odds*: awards, given each year to four true survivors of the adversity so many youngsters experience in the face of poverty, parental loss and/or abuse and discouraging behavior by some of the trusted adults in their lives.

Last Friday (Mar

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Wednesday, September 16 – 11 a.m.: LongTerm Care: How’s Grandma Really Doing?

America’s propensity for placing its aging and infirm parents and spouses in long-term care facilities (assisted living, nursing homes, etc.), has led to the creation of excellent facilities as well as warehouse-like repositories for dumping the aged.

The history of the United States as taught in our schools is only half the story – and almost always told from the perspective of the conqueror – in this case, European immigrants – with little if anything said about the conquered – the indigenous peoples of this hemisphere who found their peaceful existence interrupted, their people enslaved and murdered to extinction, their cultures exterminat

After over 100 years, the Minneapolis Charter Commission: is submitting a package of major revisions, which, if passed by city voters in November, would radically change the way Minneapolis could be subsequently governed.

News reports and magazines are full of stories and warnings and worries over the approaching boomer bubble of boomers over 60 years of age, the puzzling spike in cases of dementias and disorders, i.e., Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and related disabling brain function.

Is the entire matter of shifting 28,000 General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC): recipients to MinnesotaCare: all about Governor Pawlenty’s continuing battle with the urban core?

The chaos the nearly microscopic deer tick hath wrought since the disease it carries was discovered in Lyme, Connecticut: in 1977 has been largely concealed from a public who loves its outdoors – its hiking, fishing, hunting, exploring and otherwise recreating.