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Tune in Friday Sept. 18, 11 a.m., as KFAI’s CATALYST: politics & culture, hosted by LYDIA HOWELL & at 11:30 a.m. on NORTHERN SUN NEWS, hosted by DON OLSON (aka Hour of People Power!) team up for Strive to Thrive (funded by the NW Area Foundation), KFAI’s special series of programs on solutions to poverty in our communities.

Do you feel something’s “not quite right” or out of balance about your home?

Do you wish your home was more satisfying to you?

Is your home a source of comfort, joy, and harmony?

Is your home contributing to your emotional and physical health?
Does your home feel meaningful to you?

Seldom is home looked at as a totality including beauty and balance, creativity and collaboration,

Have Fun At The Fair With KFAI. If you’re going to the State Fair this year, you’re invited to participate in our FUN AT THE FAIR photo contest.

  • Wear your KFAI t-shirts and hats to the Fair.
  • Send us pictures of your family and friends wearing their KFAI gear or holding signs that say “KFAI”.

Brushing up against Lady Luck. Barrett Golding of KGLT in Bozeman, Montana has produced another evocative documentary. His style is unconventional.

World AIDS Day is December 1 and tonight on Fresh Fruit MAAAH and the Black HIV Coalition guests will talk about their event at the Capri Theater that includes guests Jamar “The Voice” Rogers & LaMont Wheat plus multidisciplinary artists Jaime Carrera & Jeffry Lusiak will talk about their new projects with host Dixie Treichel.

Guests: Kevin “Kaoz” Moore, LaMont Wheat, Jaime Carrera, Jeffry Lusiak…

Thursday, February 7th, Write on Radio:node/36 welcomes Glenn Kurtz as he discusses his memoir Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music, the story of his life as a guitar prodigy, his abandonment

The Glitterati are protesting right-wing, anti-LGBT bigotry with glitter. Tune into “Fresh Fruit: Thursday September 29, 7-8pm to hear who is next.

Journalist Will Wright will discuss the life, works and legacy of filmmaker, photographer and writer Gordon Parks on KFAI’s WAVE Project program, on July 22, at 6 pm. Mr.

Tune in on Wednesday, November 7th (11am) to Truth to Tell:node/682 with Andy Driscoll and Lynnell Mickelsen for a discussion with a few of Minnesota’s most prominent advocates for open government,

The Grand Deeva from A Great Blend of Watercolors: Saturday mornings will have art work on display at the Soap Factory as part of Soul on Ice: Understanding the value a