Phone interview with Barbara LeShoure, GREAT local jazz & blues singer.  Barbara LeShoure, Bruce Henry, Debbie Duncan and Gwen Matthews will be performing at Arnellia's next Sunday October 14th from 7-10 PM.  Arnellia's is located at 1183 University Avenue (slightly west of Lexington) in St. Paul.  For more information contact Arnellia's at 651-642-5975 OR visit

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Pledge drive

Permanent Crap From The Past archives here.

“Pledge Drive Extended Re-Mix” with Luke Andrews visiting our sound stage and helping Glen raise cash for the station.

One Shot

Pledge Drive with Secret Agent Magnesium Flair, David Rockin’ Wiley, Patti Walsh and a Truckload of Others!!

Kristina reaches into the archives for a show featuring local guitarist Michael Ziegahn and also the music of some great Spanish guitarists.

This program is the only one during KFAI’s Fall Pledge Drive; it includes listener favorites played at Encuentro throughout the year.

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