4/12 in a nutshell…
Tro-Tone? 2jan? Whatever you call the “Ooh” this week, it was made up of Trojan oldies compilation tracks and 2Tone-era goodies… and our *brand-new unreleased (“unrl.”) custom bumper-timed bumpers. Sherwood then took us into orbit around his world for an hour of the likes of Hal Blaine, YMCK, Frank Comstock and Masaru Sato(h) (and we’ve seen it spelled elsewhere both with and without the ‘h’), and the trip back home included an upcoming-gigs set (Umbrella Bed opening for English Beat at the Cabooze 4/15, Prizefighters and Dropsteppers warming up Deal’s Gone Bad at Triple Rock the night before_ wish we’d brought the DGB), and continued with an instrumental sax-led GotchaSKAllipop leading into a Return-Of-Winter set commemorating 2 nights of sub-freezing lows. Freeze, ‘skeeters!

Susana di Palma talks about the good fortune that came from her appendicitis, and Kristina plays traditional pieces by Paco de Lucia.

On this episode of Radio Pocho, DJs Miguel Vargas and Brandon AllDay showcases Latino Hip-Hop music producers/beatmakers, and the music they sample to create their art.

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West Hills State School: A troubled past for the Owatonna orphanage
Produced by Dan Greenwood

In 1886, the State-Run School for Dependent and Neglected Children opened in Owatonna, Minnesota. For nearly 60 years the orphanage housed thousands of children, and during the Great Depression, was massively overcrowded. For some, the orphanage provided a safe haven, but for many others, beatings and neglect were commonplace. In this documentary, KFAI producer Dan Greenwood talks with Harvey Ronglien—a former state-schooler who spent his entire childhood at the orphange—to learn about the dark and sordid past of the institution. Since the 1990s, Harvey and his wife Maxine have worked with the city to create a museum honoring the children who lived there. Today the campus at West Hills is on the National Registry as a Historic District. For more information, visit