We speak with retired University of Minnesota professor of communication and creativity Fred Amram about his new book We’re in America Now: A Survivor’s Stories. He spent his early years in Hanover, Germany, where he experienced the Holocaust from its inception in 1933. He witnessed Kristallnacht and the Gestapo invading his home. More information can be found at

For months ago, and counting, Saint Paul native Philando Castile was fatally wounded by a Saint Anthony police officer during a traffic stop.  Along with his family, the world awaits the verdict of this shooting . . . and that shooting . . . and that shooting . . . and . . . that . . .  .

We revisit the aftermath of that fateful day . . .  .

(Original Broadcast: Play For Me – Wednesday, July 13, 2016)

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Had an interview today with the "Alternative to Violence Project", a Minnesota based group dedicated to conflict resolution. They are a part of an international movement to put "agents of peace" in every community, in every state and around the world. 1050 Selby Avenue, St. Paul Minnesota 55104. 

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