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More flecos de flamenco (songs on the fringe of flamenco)! The October 27th show just whetted Kristina’s appetite for trillas, campanilleras, and marianas – so here they all are again, in both their original and updated versions!

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Live and Die in L.A. On this episode of Radio Pocho DJ Ren busts out a dedication to his hometown, Los Angeles.

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from Love + Radio

Heating things up in the Echo Chamber with some excellent new roots & dub, and an eclectic mix of old and new. Starting things off with an extended mix from Roots Nation’s choice new Temperature’s Risin’; followed by several classic Phil Pratt productions from Dial M for Murder (rereleased by Pressure Sounds).

Tuesday, November 15th, Marly Cornell joins us to talk about her book, The Able Life of Cody Jane: Still Celebrating. It’s a memoir of life with her daughter, Cody Jane, who despite being born with spina bifida lived a full life into her thirties.

Also joining us this week will be poet Paul Dickinson and comedian Mary Mack to talk about the upcoming installment of the Riot Act Reading series. Paul Dickinson, formerly of the legendary punk rock/art venue Speedboat Gallery and the Electric Arc Radio Company, has co-hosted Riot Act since 2006. Mary Mack has appeared on the Bob and Tom Radio Show, XM’s National Lampoon’s Comedy Network, and Minnesota’s Polka Spotlight. She won the 2005 California’s Funniest Female Contest, and had her national TV debut on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham and NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

Sabrina Crews filled in for me this day…I had to take my son to the doctor(again)….yes, I know he’s 34 years old but I’m not leaving him alone to field all those medical emergency situations.
Hemophilia takes no prisoners……..