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Poet Gerry LaFemina talks about his newest book of poetry, Vanishing Horizon. He is currently the Director of the Frostburg Center for Creative Writing in Frostburg, Maryland. Before his career as a poet and professor, he was the lead singer of the hardcore punk band Expletive Deleted and the ska band Tom Collins and the Cocktail Shakers.

Also, we chat with Jason Skipper about his debut novel Hustle, featuring an alcoholic ex-con man grandfather who has has hustled for money and now redemption, his restless, philandering seafood salesman son who has has hustled for women and now hustles for love of a different sort, and his hopeful musician grandson struggling to make up for their past and somehow set course for the future.

Two interviews today,#1) Kelley Hunt who is playing at the Dakota in Mpls on December 2nd and 3rd, and #2) over in St. Paul at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, Mississippi Heat on December 2nd. We talked with harmonica man, Pierre LaCocoque from that band. Two great interviews but only had time for 16 songs. See play list below:

Living Esctacy Satyen Raja

Living Ecstasy is about Waking Up with humor and with Love. Living Ecstasy is not a “get-happy-in-10-easy-steps” type of book. Living Ecstasy assumes that you are not broken or needy. You do not lack anything.

Kinshasha’s conversation with Satyen Raja is a beautiful conversation about living our lives in joy.

Living Ecstasy is designed to be an invitation and a challenge. Ignite your deepest passion and claim your birthright! Do not wait another moment to give your Love and Freedom, and to feel the full expression of Life.

Satyen’s deepest purpose for living is to make it possible for others to Awaken in a way that is real, practical and sustainable. He is the President and founder of WarriorSage, one of the leading spiritual growth organizations in the world.

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Steam Dreamers of Inverness, Part 2 – From ZBS. We continue the story with Chapters 3 & 4.

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Is your first or third skin a hot spot? First skin is the thing that bounds our physical being; second skin is our clothes; third skin is the built environment we live and work in.
Hosted by Paula Quinlan and Midwest Building Ecology Coalition.

Kohl Miner, Indigenous storyteller and Allison Heimstead, director of WINTER DREAMS, In The Heart Of The Beast Theater production

Going solo DJ Miguel Vargas flies solo on this episode where we feature music by George Harrison, Julieta Venegas, Xuxa, Enanitos Verdes, and much much more….

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Halfrican from Teenage Diaries and How the West Was Won by Lacy Roberts

A thankful celebration of musical expression.