Arts & Culture

Host: Dixie Treichel, sitting in for Leigh Combs

Guests: Karen Hogan & Kai Stewert, Quatrefoil Library; Alicia Steele, Smitten Kitten; A Short Audio piece produced by Dixie Treichel of the Oct. 29th Vote No Rally to Defeat the MN Marriage Amendment, with people who attended the rally and speech excerpts from Senator Scott Dibble, Chad Griffin, Human Rights Campaign President, Senator Amy Klobuchar

Music Host: Gilberto Vasquez
News Host: Paul Brohaugh
Producer: Dale Connelly


It was Lady T's Birthday and Halloween.  If you thought Rare Phorm was LOUD, I had to wear ear protection like those guys flagging airplanes on the runway! 

Listen to that show in its entirety on our FOREVER archives by clicking here:

A special Halloween edition of MinneCulture, produced by Nancy Sartor and Britt Aamodt. Local storyteller Nancy Donoval recounts a spine-tingling tale of a midnight slaughterhouse, and real-life ghostbuster Echo Bodine recalls discovering her clairvoyant powers. Tune into MinneCulture every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 8pm to hear Legacy Project stories about Minnesota arts and culture. The program is made possible by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

Classic story written by Washington Irving & read by David Kurlan. A special hour-long Halloween edition of the Listening Lounge.

Celebrating the recent visit of Lila Downs and the sacred time of All Saints & All Souls holi-days. Largely Latin transitions into a short closing set of African music.