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Sisel International – Non Toxic Products – Bio-Scientist, Founder Tom Mower and Dr. Curt Ficnec

Tom Mower, Scientist and Founder of Sisel International. Tom exposes all of the toxins in the products that we are using on a daily basis, which causes brain dysfunction and cancer. His company has created a good tasting, healthy coffee that will lower our chances of getting cancer and can turn around the symptoms of alzheimers and dymentia.

Dr. Curt Ficnec is also featured on this program, sharing his unique perspective on the Sisel products and aging without decline – through therapeutic grade products and turning back on our teleomeres so we biologically get younger everyday.

Episode 2 of the nationally syndicated series of The Little City In Space, from the Post-Void Radio Theater.

With Jacquie Thomas, Ivyana Morris-Thomas, Akeeylah Watkins and Sheronda Orridge.