Arts & Culture

Feature PresentationRed Shift is a highly surreal audio experiment.  A polysci-fi religio-comic fantasy in five acts by Cat Simril, and presented to us from the Seem Real Theatre.  You'll find that it is impossible to follow, but that's not really the point, is it?  It's the journey, the language, and the questions, rather than the answers.  Performers include members of the Firesign Theatre, and cast from the Little City in Space and Shockwave, and many more.

This week's Wave Project was "The Other Minnesotans," brought to you by Fartun Weli, founder and executive director of Isuroon, a Somali women's nonprofit located in South Minneapolis which seeks health and empowerment for Somali women. Fartun covered a wide range of topics related to the Somali community in Minnesota and especially the Twin Cities. The show was produced by Patti Walsh, KFAI volunteer and public relations manager for Isuroon. Learn much more about Isuroon at 

Host: Roxanne Anderson
Co-Host: Quinn Villagomez
Special in Studio Guests: Adja Gildersleve and the DDDP interns.
Special Call in Phone Guest: Maria Isa