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Favorite fall songs & an interview with Eliza Gilkyson!

Manifest Your Brilliance - Sufi Master

Dr. Robert Ibrahim Jaffe.  Illuminate and free all of the hidden places that are resisting change and keeping you stuck.

Strengthen the positive qualities within yourself in order to fully illuminate them from within

Find and release the deepest roots of disease within the soul so it can disappear. Clearly define your “individual brilliance” and your action plan.

The Credibility Gap presents Woodschtick and more.  A topical humor album from ca. 1972.  Side A is a parody of the Woodstock documentary film, Woodschtick, about a gathering of schtick comedians in a hotel on the comic circuit.

Side B is called Earwitness News, which is, of course, a news parody.  It's all very much a product of its time, with lots of Nixon before he resigned. Be prepared to hear humor about people you've never heard of, and events long lost in history.