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Music for the new year, including listener requests & a preview of what's coming in 2015!

Mindfulness – Kate Sciandra

In professional practice since 1993, Kate’s copious training in alternative medicine has led her to become an trusted specialist in the treatment and management of pain, stress and trauma. Her core work is an integration of the hands-on care and individual coaching and instruction in the practice of being present and mindful in order to relieve patterns of discomfort in a safe and nurturing fashion. She is committed to both private practice and group instruction in a variety of topics. She is also the developer and founder of Aurasolus Room Remedies.

Her work, Healing Presence, is the conceptual basis of which the physical expression is Ortho-Bionomy®, and Kate teaches one as the extension of the other. She also teaches Practical Meditation, an easily integrated approach to integrating a meditative practice into everyday life, Becoming a Peaceful Presence, and Cultivating the Healing Presence.

Feature Presentation – Act 3 of The Case of the Murdered Miser, from the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater. Written by Steven Oney. It seems that a fellow named Ebenezer Scrooge has been murdered, and his employee, Bob Cratchit has been charged with it.  His defense attorney is Sir Percy Mason, and the prosecutor is Hamilton Burgermeister.  You can see where this is going…