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Blake School student group The Justice League and their upcoming event Stand Up, Speak Out
Andrea Jenkins sharing her current travels, learning’s & stories – Upcoming gigs
Irene Greene with the and there upcoming 25 year celebration & performance night at Patrick’s Cabaret
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Kristina and Debra Elias chat more about the making of "Las Flamencas," and Kristina play cantinas in honor of Debra's new white bata de cola.

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The history behind St. Paul’s co-named streets

Travel around St Paul and you’ll notice that some of the streets have two names—the one that appears on maps, and a second, co-street name that honors an individual. Katie McWatt Avenue, Raskas Road, William Mahoney Street—these caught the eye of KFAI producer Bobbie Scott, who dug into some of the stories behind the street names. This documentary features an African-American woman and civil rights activist, a local rabbi involved with national issues, and a labor activist who became the mayor of St Paul during the Depression.

How the legend of “The Weeping Woman” has grown and changed over time.