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“Ghetto Pocho Power featuring Rambo Salinas” We got this happy feelin on Radio Pocho tonight with the return of DJ Ren from New York. So to celebrate we drop some of our favorite cuts from NY.

We also invite Rambo Salinas of Hot Pants crew to share his favorite rolas. The next edition of Hot Pants is coming up Friday May 20th at the Nomad 9:30pm and on…

Plus the Pocho Word of the Week. Checkalo ese.

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Minneapolis Music Scene: 1975-1980, Pt II
Written & Produced by Cyn Collins

The Twin Cities has had a vibrant music scene for decades, but in the early to mid-1970s there was almost no original music being performed. Only a few bands dared to be different, and thanks to their creative diligence, the Minneapolis music scene was born.

This two-part documentary describes the Minneapolis music scene between 1975 – 1980, and features interviews and music by Curtiss A (Thumbs Up/the Spooks), Chris Osgood (the Suicide Commandos), Robert Wilkinson (the Flamin’ Oh), Chan Poling (the Suburbs), Kevin Cole (Rev 105), Peter Jesperson (Twin Tone/New West Records) and many more.

Part I explores what inspired these musicians, which bands formed, and where they ultimately performed. It also focuses on the impact of Oar Folkjokeopus, the CC Club, and Jay’s Longhorn Bar.

Part II further describes Jay’s Longhorn Bar, features music and interviews with members of the Flamin’ Ohs and the Suburbs, and explores the birth of Twin/Tone Records.

Today Minneapolis has a vibrant and sustainable music scene thanks to the efforts of musicians and music lovers who dared to be different at a time when cover bands were the norm. Meet the players, who in the mid- to late-70s, paved the way for the next generation of bands—from Husker Du to the Replacements and beyond.

Interviews & Production Assistance from:

Curtiss A. (Curt Almsted)
Dave Ahl (Suicide Commandos)
Steve Almaas (Suicide Commandos)
Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland, DJ, booking agent, and former Jay’s Longhorn Bar staff)
Richard Champ (NNB)
Kevin Cole (Sr. program director, DJ KEXP Seattle, DJ REV 105)
Bob “Slim” Dunlap (guitarist in Thumbs Up, the Spooks, the Replacements)
Robert Henry (Fingerprints)
Peter Jesperson (Sr. vice president of A&R at New West Records, former manager of Oar Folkjokeopus, DJ at Jay’s Longhorn Bar, co-founder Twin/Tone Records)
Terry Katzman (Garage D’Or Records)
Martin Keller (journalist, author)
Chris Osgood (Suicide Commandos)
Chan Poling (The Suburbs)
Nancy Sartor (project manager & executive producer)
Paul Stark (co-founder Twin/Tone Records)
Robert Wilkinson (Prodigy and Flamin’ Oh’s)
Daniel Zamzow (production assistant)

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At the Circus (Radio Netherlands)

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A special show tonight as we aired part 1 of the 5th annual “Around the World in 20+ Dubs” (originally aired 4-29 on Echo Beach at WLUW-FM, Chicago). Also tonight we featured new music from Springline Records and Dubmission Records, along with new selections from Liquid Stranger, Bedouin Soundclash, Professor, and Jamaram. And, in the final hour, DJ Baby Swiss did a “Roots of Dub” archive set.

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We speak with Richard Horan about his book Seeds: One Man’s Serendipitous Journey to Find the Trees That Inspired Famous American Writers. Richard Horan is also a novelist, English teacher and book reviewer. His novel Goose Music was a finalist for the Great Lakes Fiction Award and won the ForeWord Book of the Year Bronze Medal.

Also, we talk with novelist Sheila O’Connor about her newest book, Sparrow Road. Sheila O’Connor is also the author of the novels Where No Gods Came (winner of the Minnesota Book Award and more) and Tokens of Grace. Her poems, stories and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, and her work has been recognized by the Bush Foundation, Loft McKnight and the Minnesota State Arts Board.

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Stories from KFAI’s 10,000 Fresh Voices series, featuring Northeast Minneapolis artists participating in Art-A-Whirl, which runs Fri-Sun, May 20-22.

1. Florence Hill
Produced by Dixie Treichel
Minneapolis-based Florence Hill has been a practicing artist for nearly 50 years, creating work in a variety of mediums. She is a frequent lecturer and painting demonstrator, and for 35 years has hosted a Sunday figure-drawing co-op in her Minneapolis studio.

2. Rabi Sanfo
Produced by Dixie Treichel
West African native Rabi Sanfo immigrated to Minneapolis in 2004. Since then, he’s used his welding background to create metal sculptures. As his artistic techniques have evolved over the years, the core theme of his work remains: to share the history and culture of his native Burkina Faso. Rabi Sanfo has received numerous art awards, and supports local organizations by donating his work special events. He lives and works in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.

3. Amy Rice
Produced by Nancy Sartor
Mixed media artist Amy Rice uses relics from her grandparent’s Wisconsin dairy farm to tell visual stories. She also incorporates antique love letters, maps and atlases as a way to collaborate with the past. KFAI producer Nancy Sartor spoke to the artist about her influences, her process, and what she has planned for the future. For more about Amy Rice, visit

4. Nick Legeros & Michael Boyd
Produced by Nancy Sartor
Northeast artists Nick Legeros and Michael Boyd have been working individually in bronze and glass all their lives. But when a commission brought them together about a year ago, they began to collaborate in revolutionary ways. For more information about the artists, go to and Produced for KFAI by Nancy Sartor.

5. Czeslaw’s Loop: The Final Opus
Produced by Cyn Collins
Czeslaw’s Loop is a large scale, three-day multi-media project produced and created by Permanent Art & Design Group, continuing the legacy of Creative Electric Studios’ ongoing Boat Project at mile marker 856.2 on the Mississippi River, behind the Sample Room restaurant. The 2011 project is based on the creative struggle of late 1960s electronic composer Czeslaw Janecki, whose final opus was never performed. An event composed an…d executed as a four-act opera spread over a three day period, Czeslaw’s Loop features a generational cross section of Minneapolis’ most influential figures in arts and music.

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Sound Healers – Jonathon and Andi Goldman

Soundsation Conference
Sound Healers Seminar

Kinshasha shares a transformational evening of vibrational experience with Sound Masters Jonathan and Andi Goldman as they share their wisdom, insight and experience
about the Principles of Sound.

May 20 and 21st they will be leading a Soundsation Conference at Normandale Community Auditorium

Jonathon and Andi talk about:
• The World of Sound and
Vibrational Energy, Vowels as
Mantra Sound Bytes
• Principles of Harmonics, Sonic
Exercises, Tuning Forks and
Sacred Ratios
• Meditations for Healing and
Transformation, and Harmonics
for Planetary Peace

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