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(prerecorded show) with Don Mitchell, Director of Instruction at the School of Piano Technology for the Blind.

On this show from May 6, 2011, Kristina plays the music of guitarists Ari Malikian and Arcadio Marin and airs part of a fascinating interview with flamenco documentarian, Bill Davidson.

Hosted by Miguel Vargas and Kjerstan "Atzin" Ketter-Mendiola. You can follow Atzin as Xicananantli on Twitter and Instagram. Tune into Atzin's KFAI's International Women's Day program, Pachamama Radio

Portrait of the famed journalist, suffragette, critic, and writer.

We speak with Lou Berney about his new novel The Long and Faraway Gone. He is also the author of Whiplash River, which was nominated for the Edgar and Anthony Awards, Gutshot Straight, which was nominated for a Barry Award, and The Road to Bobby Joe and Other Stories.