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We speak with Minnesota author Shawn Otto about his new book The War on Science. He is the cofounder of and also wrote Sins of Our Fathers, which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. His film House of Sand and Fog was nominated for three Academy Awards.

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Kerri Joy (Sister Tree and Blas meala) and Max Graham (Blas Meala) in studio playing some sweet music and talking about Ireland, horses, music, and other stuff.

the founder of the fantastic "Retro Recent" website Mirror80 (More here: ) is on the show to talk film aesthetics, Memphis Design and her dream interview.  Also the summer of "Keepn it Cool" on SynthWaves kicks off with some contest questions with rewards to keep your library filled with the best Retro 80s/synthpop releases.  Just send your answer over via facebook message to @synth.waves and if its right ill send you a DL code for one of many TOTALLY AWESOME releases!

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The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Three more episodes of the first Jack Flanders series from ZBS.  The dreaded Demon Dwarves come out of a pie… and THEN it gets weird.  This series was partially funded in its original production by The Jefferson Airplane.  Written by Meatball Fulton.  And then every so often there is a coin slipped into the slot and Baba Ram Dass comes out with a pronouncement from the Wurlitzer of Wisdom. Very cool.