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Mike Glover, co-founder of Rosso Corsa records ( ) and the man behind the music of Miami Nights 1984 ( )  is the special guest .  We talk indie record labels, the forth coming MN84 album, news of a new Lazerhawk album is mentioned and we premiere an untitled track forthcoming by MN84.

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Heartbreak is a Radio

Part 2 of the Firesign Theatre's Radio Is A Heartbreak Tour 2005.  Part One was the local radio KBIL in Billville.  Tonight we finish that part with Anythyng You Want To, and then go on to the corporate Radio Now from FunFun Town, including Ralph Spoilsport's New and Used Body Parts, Nick Danger, Art of the Insane, and CLub Firesign.  Featuring Philip Proctor, Phil Austin, David Ossman and Peter Bergman.  

Today, enjoy THE SOMA CONNECTION, a sci-fi punk-rock psychedelic radio drama created by host Andy Nowacki – he is the writer, director, producer, soundtrack composer & audio mixer.  This work is part of Andy's Sound Arts project at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.  He rounds out the show with music that inspired him in creating his radio piece.