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Myth-busting about Dyslexia, along with looking at both challenges and strengths to what has traditionally been an under-recognized  "learning disability," but may be as much a different "learning style."

Host David Pieper welcomed guest Lawrence Sheldon as they shared stigma around Dyslexia as a diagnosis, how to (and how NOT to) engage with Dyslexia, and what it means to live with Dyslexia.

Episode 66 – Will Maravelas of 14:59 Studios and Zero Budget Records joins the Metal Evangelist in the studio.

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MILES LORD was part of a post-WWII circle of Minnesota liberals that included Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy and Orville Freeman (eventually MN governor) who merged the under-dog Democratic Party with the more leftist Farmer-Labor Party. Lord was Minnesota State Attorney General but, is most known as a federal district judge.