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Nooky Jones

Hosted by Miguel Vargas, with special guest appearance by DJ Los Boogie

An interview with Lisa Channer, Founder of Theatre Novi Most, and Singer/Actor/Composer Annie Enneking, about "Rehearsing Failure," an original play which reveals the untold story of the women behind Bertolt Brecht. Billed as "equal parts physical theatre, music concert and psychological drama," the play is set in Hollywood in the 1940s after Brecht and company fled Nazi Germany. The play "focuses on Brecht's ensemble, particularly the women who sacrificed their own recognition to create some of the most important theatre of the twentieth century."

An exploration of the soft-spoken, hospitable approach to interrogation.

We speak with Heather Slomski about her debut story collection The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons, winner of the 2014 Iowa Short Fiction Award. She has been awarded a Minnesota State Artist Initiative Grant and a Minnesota Emerging Writers' Grant.

We also talk with Cynthia Kraack about her new work of literary fiction The High Cost of Flowers. She is also the author of the Ashwood speculative fiction trilogy and Minnesota Cold, which won a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award.