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We speak with Brian Panowich about his debut novel Bull Mountain, which chronicles succeeding generations of a Southern crime family and which has received praise from the likes of CJ Box, Tom Franklin and James Ellroy.

Studio Symphony for Don Joyce

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Return visit by Northerly Gales: 

  • Tamara Maluda: Fiddle

  • Randy Conaway: Bass, Bodhran/Djembe

  • Danny Schwarze: Guitar, Bodhran

  • Jimmy Sherman: Pipes, Whistles, Harmonicas

and all of the above on vocals.

Live music and chat about the band, gigs, instruments, awards, history.

The Essential Book of Fermentation: Great Taste and Good Health with Probiotic Foods

In his extensive career as a bestselling cookbook author and TV garden show host, Jeff Cox has always been keely aware of the microbiology that helps his garden flourish. He has long known that microbes keep our bodies healthy as they ferment food, releasing their nutritional power and creating essential vitamins and enzymes. In the Essential Book of Fermentation, Jeff Cox shares a bounty of recipes for nourishing the internal “garden”

Act 3-4 of Anne Manx and the Blood Chase