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Episode 2

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On this week's show, Kristina replays an April 23, 2015 webcast of a show that focuses on the two palos of cante jondo: soleares and fandangos grandes.

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#Juangaza: Our tribute to the late Juan Gabriel (1950-2016)

The Rise of the Machines

Long-time KFAI programmer Dale Loomer returns to pilot another cruise across musical frontiers.  Featuring a lot of Caribbean ritmos & sounds; i.e. Cubanismo, Ska Cubano, Eek A Mouse, just for starters !  The program jumps over to France for Bridgette Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, Paris Combo, and more in the second hour.  Nice blends…

We speak with Cecily von Ziegesar about her new novel Dark Horses. She is the author of the bestselling Gossip Girl series, which was made into a television show, and also assisted on the series The It Girl.

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