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DJ MoZho in for Jahny D!

Host: Dixie Treichel with Guests: Woody Timberheart, Rachel Flaten, Karen Paurus, Dana Bogema, Cassandra Snow, Mark Webb, Richard Jackson, Matthew Everett


Woody Timberheart & Rachel Flaten, Costumes, Karen Paurus & Dana Bogema, Performers

Pearls Over Shanghai:The Cockettes Musical, Presented by Theatre of the Ridiculous and Absurd

Directed by Keith Russell, Music Direction by Jim Lansing

<p>Diabetes <span class="caps">EXPO</span> Executive Community Member Dr.&nbsp; Farha Khan talks about diabetes and the diabetes expo that will be coming up in October</p>



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Inspired by the fat, lazy bees tasting nectar from an array of blooms, Kristina reached into her flamenco bag and brought out an array of "flores flamencas" for your pleasure.

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