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Kitchen Sessions One and Two recorded in April and May 2015. Details:

Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Kinshasha talked with Mike Robbins about his inspiring book, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken.
Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken” reminds us that God created each one of us for a unique purpose. We live in a world where the lines between fake and real have blurred. Mike Robbins shares a powerful conversation that teaches us how to access and express the realness you crave in your work, your relationships, and yourself.

Producer: Xan Holston

Music Host: Brenda Bell Brown

News Host:  Booker Childress

Alba Salix, Royal Physician.  Eli McIlveen wanted to do a fantasy audio theater series, and determined that no one else was making a medical show in that category.  So he invented Alba Salix, who runs the House of Healing, and introduced her new assistants, Magnus the apprentice monk, and Holly, an accident prone fairie herbalist.  We give you episode one, Well Met, to introduce the kingdom and the characters, and then episode four, A Chance To Cure, in which the staff has to deal with an epidemic of exploding heads.