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We speak with Ben Blum about his new book Ranger Games: A Story of Soldiers, Family and an Inexplicable Crime. Ben Blum has a PhD in computer science and an MFA in fiction from New York University, where he was awarded the New York Times Foundation Fellowship.

Live music from Reina del Cid!

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**Womenfolk Theme Song

A trip on the A-Train to hear some vintage blues like they did it up on Sugar Hill.

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Netherdrome – The Ultimate Vote

100 years in the future when the surface of Earth is uninhabitable people are living in tunnels underground.  The series, Netherdrome, was produced by Nebraska Broadcast Theater and Whizbang Productions, and written and produced by Barry Anderson.  This episode, The Ultimate Vote, is about a report on the deterioration of the surface and how it has been repressed for political reasons.  (Sound familiar?)