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Stu Janis from Greenwood Tree in studio playing and talking about the hammered dulcimer and the bowed psaltery

 The show premieres a full interview with Jan Hammer I did around the time of Prince's passing. here is a link to keep up to date with his most recent work .  playlist includes tunes by iammanolis, Phillip Michael Thomas, Hello Meteor, Clone and many more!

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The Fourth Tower of Inverness

Episodes from the first Jack Flanders serial from ZBS.  Jack ventures into the 4th Tower of the mansion, the one that isn't really there.  He's the 9th person who has gone into that tower.  The other eight never came back.  This week he goes into the center of the mountain, and finds the Land of the Lotus Jukebox.  There's a Dragon there, too.  

Afsheen and Ramon discuss this past weekends FMA Basketball Invitational.

How would you distill 40 years of music fandom into an hour?

Kyle Gilats marked his 40th birthday with a fast tour of the rock that has been most influential to his love of music. That made for a short playlist because the man loves prog rock! Check it out…