1st hour Manchester Social Club’s Nate Beck stopped in to spin new songs and give away tix to his Sunday show. 2nd hour, Spirits of the Red City members Jason Overby and Will Garrison shared road stories and spun songs from Jula, and music that inspires them!

Hosts: Ron Thums, Jean Silverberg, Ryan Dawes
Guests: Heather Huseby, Rep. Joe Atkins
Programs: KOEH, 99% Invisible
Reporters: Janis Lane-Ewart

Mara TheDeath (Elena Erofeeva), Dr. Beast, and John from KFAI's Root of All Evil show talk about Irish metal and mythology. Dark stuff indeed about Cu Chulainn and the shape-shifting Morrigan.

Hosts: Cory Washington, Terry Carter, Xan Holston
Guests: Anthony Newby, Jamilla Hollman
Programs: Write On Radio, Sabados Alegres, Folk Journalism
Editors: Rico Morales, Robert Easley
Reporters: Willie Dominguez, El Gavilan

During the first hour we heard live tracks from Wimme, Ni:d, Sinikka Langeland all recorded at the Nordic Roots Festivals at the Cedar Cultural Center. All music from Cold Places.

Buried Treasure