On today's show, the Mark Cameron Band was in to play live and to talk about the trip to Memphis in February of 2017 to represent Minnesota in the International Blues Challenge. The band has several gigs coming up to accumulate money to pay for the trip including a gig this weekend at the Boundary Waters Blues Fest on Saturday August 20th at 4pm. You can also catch them September 18th at Wilebski's Blues Saloon.

Old favorites, new tunes & an interview with Womenfolk Find LASKA!

*New Releases

**Womenfolk Theme Song

Music recorded in the Lansdowne Arms Hotel in Kenmare, Co Kerry in July 2016 featuring Jason O'Shea, Andy Weldon, and Caitriona Ni Urdail. Plus clips from last Tuesday's Malarkey Brunch featuring Captain Kaliber, Todd Menton, Patsy O'Brien, and Karie Oberg. All music is live.

Papillon Rising ( P and Effe ) syncs communication with SynthWaves from a not too distant future for a briefing on their upcoming mission (album) on Future 80s records "First Contact". more here: . The gents talk the new album, working with Future 80s and premiere a new tune, "Amplifier".  Other music includes new tunes from Pengus, Morgan Willis and Frank Redux.