Ian Alexy stopped by with his new release; excellent, by the way.  New Neil Young, The Jimmy's, Son Volt, Rory Block, Reverend Billy C. Wirtz, Rolling Stones, Kenely Collins and more.  Also, threw in some Tom Russell, Reverend Freakchild, Deadstring Brothers, Fleshtones and others.  If you listen to the archive, I suggest cranking it up for maximum effect.

A strong opening with female vocalists of the Middle East and Iberian descent. Which leads into a tribute to a Sephardic band no longer working together, Radio Tarifa. Then a set of Ethiopian female vocals, a Malian tribute from Dee Dee Bridgewater's 'Red Earth', and on to a set from Fatou Diawara, also from Mali, before landing in Turkey for some more female vocals.

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Live music from Calliope Women's Chorus!

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