Opening today's journey starts off in Spain/Espana… then to Argentina, then to White Earth, MN. Then a promo for a musical bio-flick/film screening this afternoon at the  the 37th annual MSP International Film Festival, Best of the Fest… along the riverfront at 5 pm: Carolina Chocolate Drops. From there I move on to Mali for three artists from that W. African Nation. Returning 'stateside' to native american artist Buffy Ste-Marie. This week's program wraps up with a Venezuelan group, Daboa, followed by a cut from a Senegalese Mbalax artist covering a Marley track.

Among the new stuff this week, we have a band by the hilarious nom-de-pun Ronald Reggae… or one of them, anyway. There are TWO Ronald Reggaes, one outa New York, and one based in Tel Aviv, and we played the Israeli outfit's astonishingly accomplished Queen reggaefication arrangement "Jamaican Rhapsody" which must be heard to be believed!  This after we hear the jazz standard "Tenderly" reggae-dubbed by Barcelona big-band Drop Collective, also a new release (rel. 4/6/18) not even a month old.

40th Birthday Party broadcast from Walker Church with May Day music & a live performance by Jillian Rae!

*New Releases

**Womenfolk Theme Song

Today's show was featured as part of a live broadcast in honor of KFAI's 40 year birthday. We went on the air May 1st, 1978 in the belfrey of the Walker Church and that's exactly where we broadcast from today…the Walker Church at 3104 16th Avenue South in Minneapolis. Today's song list was chosen to showcase the best of the blues in honor of the first blues show to air on KFAI 40 years ago. That show was called "Jammin' with Willie" and featured Willie Murphy as the very first KFAI blues DJ. 

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Spin with Cyn celebrates the 40th Birthday of KFAI, spinning records from 1978. During the 2nd hour, Joe Holland (bass withTrash Street, Sex Rays, booker VFW Uptown) joined, spinning music by Trash Street who perform the KFAI Birthday Bash at the Hook, and music related to the upcoming Ramones Mania event (on Joey Ramone's Birthday) and favorites.